Welcome! Lotion Bar Cafe is located in southern Colorado Springs, Colorado . Started in 2007  after a fun-filled yule log hunt.We stopped off to pick up a prize my son had won from finding the yule log. We went into this store that was very cute in Woodland Park. There were these bars that were poured into a candy type mold and they were very oily. On our way down the mountain we talked about making them for my family gifts with some painted old terra-cotta dishes and about 30 espressos... and 15 batches later... we had the perfect lotion bar. Not to oily or greasy. Only using the best ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and great oils like grape seed, castor, sweet almond. The family loved them and I would bring the left overs to work and use the bars at the restaurant I worked at .  I always had my hands in water and after using the lotion bars my hands never felt so good! Voila'! Thats how it was started! Seems like only yesterday that we would be up til all hours of the night !  I now make all natural body treats which include handcrafted soaps, lotions,lotion bars, fizzies, lip balms,scrubs, and so much more! 

We are always looking for our products to be in cute boutiques and shops, if you would like more information email me at lotionbarcafe@yahoo.com