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Work Hard Play Hard.......

Soapy Time

We have worked so hard over the years to build this business that sometimes we forget to take time to have some fun. Do not get me wrong I have fun everyday making products and designing new soaps and body products. Taking a little down time is sometimes all you need to get rejuvenated and inspired. That is exactly what happened after 3 days in Fort Lauderdale . We flew in and rented a car to see our friends in south beach for dinner then dropped the car back off and rode the train to Boca Raton. Yep we rented a car for 4 hours lol. TOTALLY worth it to see them! In Boca Raton we sat by the pool had breakfast by the ocean and for 3 days we relaxed (not a word I am accustomed too) I like staying busy. But for the 3 days I did. Moral of the story is we all work hard........take sometime to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Lots of new scents and products are coming :) Some beach inspired ones too!11209449_10206569408212391_619504188024896303_n(4)

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  • Karen on

    Sounds like a lovely mini getaway. Sometimes those are what you need!

  • Holly on

    Yes :)

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