Vacation~ Boston

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Vacation*For those of you that are wondering what the tour was all about here is a recap: We drove and taught on the east coast classes based off my book  Make it Fizz and I am sharing the journey with you.   Day 14 [caption id="attachment_1659" align="aligncenter" width="225"]IMG_6168 I think they missed each other[/caption] We made it to Boston and were so happy to see the boys! They were excited to head out into Boston and get their grub on. IMG_6135 IMG_6149The first day we headed out and walked the town. We went to Quincy Market and Cody could not wait to have some seafood. We all picked out different food and had lunch together. The original Cheers bar is there. We took the ferry over to Bunker Hill area. We walked a total of 27,000 steps this day. Part of them we headed up to Bunker Hill, that was a hike. It was a huge monument and it is hot and straight up. We climbed 294 stairs.We where all hot and sweaty lol. IMG_6158 IMG_6171IMG_6178 IMG_6176IMG_6186 (2) IMG_6193 After that we walked back near the ferry and went to see the Boston tea party boat. We did not take the tour.Instead we did the tea tasting. For 6.99 you get to drink and taste all the teas and get a cool cup. from the tea room you can see the boat and the kids throwing fake tea sacks over boats. Everyone loved it!IMG_6198 IMG_6207 IMG_6239 IMG_6243 IMG_6245 IMG_6236 We took the ferry back over and walked all around. We stopped for WADDA (water) that is what the guy was yelling as he was selling it. SO much history. Cobble stone roads and the buildings were so cool looking. We just enjoyed being a family again. We were back to the hotel and got to bed because we are heading to the Red Sox game the next day! Stay tuned for our day at Fenway Park! ~Holly

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    Looks like so much fun and a whole lot of family love.

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