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Trick Or Treat?

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Day 13 #blogyourbrand trick or treat Happy Halloween! I hope everyone stayed safe this Halloween. Every year, we celebrate down the street at my best friend, Hollie's, house. Since we live on the same street, we always get together as families, have a potluck, and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. This is a tradition we started about 20 years ago, when our kids first started trick-or-treating. This year, my son and his girlfriend dressed up as zombies. Lexi dressed up as a witch. I dressed up as a little kid riding a rubber ducky! Lol! I handed out rubber duckies and bath puffs to the trick-or-treaters. Would you call that a trick or a treat? Lol rubber ducky   This year, for the potluck, I was in charge of appetizers. I decided to look on Pinterest for a spooky Halloween dish. Remember the pumpkins we got from the pumpkin patch last week? Well, I decided to use a small one to create a barfing pumpkin! Here are the instructions on how to make your own! Guacamole Barfing Pumpkin Things you need:
  • Small Pumpkin
  • Small Bowl
  • Knife
  • Sharpie/Marker
  • Queso
  • Guacamole
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Chips
Step 1) Place the bowl upside down over the top of the pumpkin. Using your marker, roughly trace the shape of the bowl around the top of the pumpkin. Step 2) Carefully, using the knife, cut out the top of the pumpkin around the line you just drew. Step 3) Take out the seeds and guts from the pumpkin. Step 4) On the face of the pumpkin, draw eyes and eyebrows. Underneath, cut out an open mouth for your pumpkin (should like it's mid-barf). Step 5) Once again, carefully using the knife, cut out the mouth of the pumpkin. Step 6) Place the small bowl inside the top of the pumpkin, and fill the bowl with warm queso. This will make the "brains" of the pumpkin. Step 6) Place the pumpkin on a platter. Spread the guacamole down the middle of the platter, as if it's coming out of the pumpkin's mouth. Step 7) Place chips around the pumpkin and the guacamole. Add tomatoes as garnish. Step 8) Enjoy your barfing pumpkin! For video instructions, follow this link: Here is our version of the vomiting pumpkin! pumpkin   These family traditions are very important to me because they keep our family close together. What are some of your family's favorite Halloween traditions? Thanks for stopping by! Happy Halloween! ~Holly

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  • Holly on

    Thanks, It was Fun!

  • Health and Beauty Facts on

    Love it, I will remember this one.

  • Jessica on

    must remember this for next year…ur blogging so fast I can’t keep up! :)

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