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Things I learned on my Make it Fizz Tour

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*For those of you that are wondering what the tour was all about here is a recap: We drove and taught on the east coast classes based off my book Make it Fizz and I am sharing the journey with you.MAKES Day 29 What I learned over the 35 days , 23 states and Canada. I drove 5,133 miles. When I got this crazy idea of teaching on the east coast, I may have been delirious. I posted in a group and the response was amazing. Then I connected the dots. So it was like a working vacation. We saw so many fun things along the way.IMG_5391 IMG_5389 IMG_5407 We got to see my family, Lexi got to see her sister. We saw my aunt and uncle. We taught in Perry, GA. Went to Cabbage patch land! And sooooooo many other amazing things. When I was on this trip I was supposed to be teaching and inspiring others to make fizzy things. I did do that, but more importantly they inspired me. My students showed up ready and willing to learn and so so so excited to be there. The hosts that let me come and teach at their facilities were so nice and hospitable. I made so many friends along the way. I learn something from every place we went to. I also learned I am very strong person, more than I give my self credit for. Thank you to everyone that said cancel your hotel room and invited us into your homes. You made our trip feel like we had a home along the way. I will always remember this trip. I learned people sell their soaps and goodies in very rural areas and it is not uncommon for others to have their shops in their house.  (like we do) It is more personal , yes less foot traffic but more intentional customers. It was great sharing stories with other soapers and seeing their work areas, stores, studios or even stores that sell their goods. Thank you everyone who was part of this crazy tour/journey. I seriously am blessed to have met all of you along the way! Here are some highlights IMG_6773 IMG_6788 IMG_6783IMG_6524 IMG_6337 IMG_6344IMG_6083 IMG_6021IMG_5828     IMG_5683 [caption id="attachment_1515" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Cindy the owner of Candles &Supplies Cindy the owner of Candles &Supplies[/caption] IMG_5538IMG_5378 IMG_7064 Tomorrow is the end of Blog Your Brand Challenge 30 Days! I am so excited to be in this group of people that encourage us to work harder and to grow in business. Thank you for coming along this past month ~HOlly

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