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The Story Behind Lotion Bar Cafe's Logo

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The Story Behind (1)I have had a rough few weeks, part of that was I lost everything on my older computer....don't even ask about back up! ha ha. Well what is that saying? There is a reason for everything right? I totally believe that. I may not feel it in the moment but as my dear friend came over with what she had on old cd's and thumb drives I found this little gem and was refreshed of what I am doing. I look our logo and it makes me happy, it gives me a sense of purpose.  I was looking through the very few files I have now on my new computer (and it is only a few.) This week I have been able to go through them and reflect. The overwhelming feelings of creating all of my labels over has lifted and I am seeing it through new eyes. I am sharing what I found on my thumb drive that my friend Niki Crawford wrote after creating my Logo!

Lotion Bar Cafe

The Story Behind Its Logo

Once Holly and I officially agreed to work on a new look for her Lotion Bar Cafe products, God sent waves of inspiration and direction specifically for her. Here's how the story goes ~ I sat down at my computer with some ideas about how I may want to redesign the look and tried to brain storm, but it soon occurred to me that God might have something specific for Holly and , if so, that's what I needed to seek after. So I asked God, "What do You have for Lotion Bar Cafe?" Almost immediately I began receiving direction. Seriously, it was like it was being downloaded into my head. I felt led to research olives and pomegranates , so I got online and began looking and here's what I found ~ Biblically, olives      olive branchrepresent the promises of God and Pomegranates represent the fulfillment of God's promises (most specifically in the embodiment of Jesus). Knowing some of Holly's personal story, I thought to myself "hmmmm" that's very interesting indeed. As I began to research the natural qualities of both fruits (not just spiritual) I learned that both are tremendously good for the body and its skin! Another "right on" because I knew that Holly makes her products so natural you could eat most of them, and that each ingredient she uses is thoughtfully chosen for its benefiting factors. As far as the actual designing goes, Holly mentioned wanting a tree of some sort, but after that it was all God. I've done what I call "prophetic art pieces" in the past, and I always know when it's God because I work with an ability that I don't really have in the natural. It really does feel like I'm just holding the tools and God is leading my little hand around. So I began designing a tree with olives on the left and pomegranates on the right {the promise of God and His fulfillment of it}. There was a problem however, once I got to the top of the tree. I just couldn't get the two sides of the tree to come together. This was a problem for quite a while and I was completely stumped, not to mention a little frustrated. It almost seemed like something else was going to have to go there but I couldn't imagine what. I tried a few things, including my signature birdie, but none of them worked.   Then I began to hear that little prompting in my head, and it suggested a crown. That's right, like a king's crown. Well, I thought that would look ridiculous and was totally embarrassed to even try it, but I had run out of my own options, so I put the gold crown up in the top of that tree and to my astonishment!...halt!...scratch that! It looked just as stupid as I thought it would. But try as I did to replace it, the crown was the only thing that I felt I was hearing from the Lord (I'll have you know that by this point my faith in that blessed gift was significantly starting to waiver). How was I going to send Holly a proof with that ridiculous crown? So I played around with that crown, resolved that that was the only toy God was going to give me to play with, and soon an image began to play out ~ A tree stands there - pretty, but decidedly strong - with olives on the left and pomegranates on the right. There is a definite division between these fruits, and they are not allowed to mingle together even at the top, for the strong trunk that keeps these sibling fruits apart extends to the very top of the tree and takes shape of a royal crown. Once the crown became an extension of the tree itself, rather than an individual item thrown on top, it worked! The whole image came together beautifully, and as I sat there in awe of how it all worked together, a little voice whispered in my ear. The crown represented the Trinity of God and it's Lordship. The olives gave way to the pomegranatesPomogranite Image because of God. The promise became the fulfillment because of God. I don't remember for sure, but I may have cried at this point and if I didn't, shame on me! I was amazed at what God had said through this new logo and so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of it all! And that for the most part is the story of your logo Holly. Never forget what it means and how it came about. I'm so blessed to know you, and to date this project is by far the best I have ever done (if I can even take that much credit for it!). Be blessed my friend, and be encouraged!~Niki LBC Logo So if I would not have lost everything then I would not have found this. So if you are having a hard time and going through something. Just look around and see what your missing. Thanks for letting me share and thanks for stopping by! Holly <3

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  • Kayla Fioravanti on

    I love, love, love this story! Now the logo means even more to me. God is good, all the time God is good.

  • Holly on

    Thanks Kayla, Yes he is!

  • Amy Warden on

    What a great story! I don’t think I ever heard it before and it makes such a beautiful picture! A great reminder that God’s way is ALWAYS best! Sorry you had to lose all your files, by the way. This is the exact thing my husband Kent likes to help people with – extracting files from dead computers and creating back-up solutions.

  • jenknd5 on

    I really enjoyed reading this and felt inspired by it! Thank you so much for sharing. With God, there is always good that rises up from the bad. Be blessed <3

  • Jennifer Meredith on

    Now you have a refreshed outlook on your journey and your products have a heart felt story behind them. Your AMAZING

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