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The Day After The Party.........

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Day 21 #Blogyourbrandballon The Day After The Party...... Yesterday was our annual Handmade Hollyday. It was amazing! We had the first 100 people get goody bags and we were out by 10:30 am. We asked our amazing customers to donate to a local charity called the Acacia Project. They feed the homeless in the park downtown on Thursdays. I was blown away with the generosity they showed. food Here is a picture of the line.......line   The day after is a mix of emotions for me.....One I am overwhelmed by my customers, friends and family. They show me so much love. The day after is like a hangover of sorts. I have emotions of sadness. I know sadness? You just had the best day ever. But yes sadness. I spend about 3 months a year on this project from start to finish. I love doing it! Why the sadness? I focus so much on it I am sad its over. I get to see so many people walk through its like a family reunion. Except my dad is not here. Oh I know he would be so proud of me. heck he would probably be the one wearing the duck costume or bar of soap. But he is not. I know he is smiling down on me and is cheering me on. I always worry if the other vendors did well . I am so tired I can barely stand. I passed out and did not get out of bed until 10 am. The adrenaline is high on the day of event, when everyone is gone we move the furniture back in and it looks like our house again. It always seem empty. At this point I am slap happy. We do our annual video drawing and crack up. If you have nothing better to do there are 8 of them and you can see what we do. Click Here   santa Santa Arrived for the video... He left with some Beard Tamer lol. santa and me Oh Kirin was in full uniform and we get request for our videos.....I don't know why lol I just want to thank everyone again. To Hollie for help in checking out people , to Kameron for handing out goody bags, to Lexi and Bree for checking in the canned goods, to Jessica for checking everyone in and doing a great control over how many people where going in at a time. To my husband for being amazing and making sure everyone was good and moving our life into the garage for a few weeks. To Santa (Kirin) thanks for doing crazy videos with me. To Josh , thank you for wearing the rubber ducky costume.....and taking one for the team. Thank you to all the vendors and to the businesses that participated in the goody bags.......I pray blessings over your businesses. We had over 45 door prizes , 2 soap for a year winners and 1 bath fizzies for a year winner! Congratulations to all the winners. I can not wait till next year, I love you all! Save the date next years Handmade Hollyday will be November 5, 2016, to keep up to date with it. You can follow the event page HERE Thanks for stopping by ~ Holly

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  • Ann S. on

    Sounds like it was a great and successful day!!

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