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Teaching A Old Dog New Tricks

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Day 16 #blogyourbranddog Teaching A Dog New Tricks Boy you ever get in such a routine that when something so small happens it throws off your whole universe? I have a routine I do everyday . I get up I get ready , then I make my coffee, check Facebook and emails, then make breakfast and go on a walk. That is how I start my day. I then make products, take pictures ect. But when something happens , lets say your computer crashes and you lose your artwork . That is when I feel my world come in around. Normally this would send me in to a tail spin of numbness and depression. But I am learning that these challenges are making me learn new things.(even when I resist at first). I am now becoming a Photoshop Pro thanks to my friend Niki. I also know how to make really cute pictures for my blog using I just was in such a routine of what was comfortable. My friend Marla once told me to do the uncomfortable and do outside my box. I would never blog , wanted to but never "had the time" well right now I am in my soap studio waiting for my lye to cool and I am writing this blog. SO it can be done. I always say this about exercise too....I do not have time.....Well I need to set a new routine and make time to blog and exercise. After using a different art program for 8 years I am pretty proud to be learning something new and I actually like my labels better! Learning is good for your mind and good for your soul. Have you learned anything new that is out of your comfort zone? Or something that was even forced to learn?I would love to hear how you deal with change or learning new things. Hope you have a great day~Holly

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  • Theresa on

    Love that you are learning Photoshop!

  • Ann S. on

    Anything to do with the computer is outside my comfort zone. When I look back to even a year ago, I’m amazed at what I have learned. Just in doing this challenge I’ve learned to use Canva, utilize my graphic subscriptions, Picmonkey, working on my website, all kinds of things like that. Do I wish someone else would do this for me? Yes. But then I wouldn’t know how to do it in a pinch. so this is good. Great Job! I don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator, so that’s on my list.

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