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18 Days on the Road! - Part One

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Day 14 #blogyourbrand In mid-July of this summer, Lexi and I were busy packing up supplies and luggage for our 18 day road trip! I was going to teach at the Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA (near San Francisco). This has been on my Business Bucket List since I first started making soap. It was one of the only items still on my list of 50 goals. We were very excited for our road trip, so we spent all summer budgeting our trip and planning out all the fun we would have along the way! The night before we...

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Hello It's Me....

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Day 12 #Blogyourbrand  Yes my title sounds like the new Adele It actually was the name of my first blog post. As I have had a crazy day of packaging and labeling and creating new labels (they take me forever but I am learning the new program pretty fast now). I have a mix of songs playing and Adele's "Hello" song came on. If you have no idea what I am talking about click HERE and take a listen. My first blog post was so simple and sad but I had no idea what I was doing. Here it is below: Hello...

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There Is Only One Boss: The Customer

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Day 10 #blogyourbrand There is only one boss, the customer. That is right ! I have to remember that always.  One of the many quotes I have around. I like to have things that inspire me and right in my face when I am feeling less than what I want. In business it is sometimes hard when you get negative business around you. Not all business owners are happy and passionate about what they do. In order to succeed in your passion, you have to focus on you! Find some of your favorite quotes or inspiring sayings that light your...

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Nothing Is Keeping From Blogging My Brand ....Even A Trip To The ER

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Day 5 #Bloggingyourbrand Remember I said I have had a rough couple of weeks well today I woke up at 3 am worried I did not know what to blog about today ha ha little did I know what my day held.I had a lot of orders to  get out and it was cold and yucky weather and I was really kinda feeling tired. Next thing I know my new laptops fan motor was really loud and would not turn off. So I finished all my orders and headed to BEST BUY.(Thankfully I have a warranty) As I was driving...

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Overwhelmed With Gratitude ,Peeling Away The Layers

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I am just now peeling away all of the layers of my soapy life from the past few months. At one point it was a bit overwhelming I am not going to lie. But I took each event and took it all in. First thing is first I want to thank each and everyone of you who have purchased a book from me. All of your cards, well wishes, messages and text from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I am so thankful to God for this journey he has given me. In May my husband and I went to...

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