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Christmas Gift Wrapping... 39 Days Early

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Day 28 #blogyourbrand Christmas Gift Wrapping... 39 Days Early   Today, Lexi and I visited the Holly-Fest craft show along the Riverwalk in Pueblo. You would think I've had enough of craft shows, but I haven't! I absolutely love them! We were feeling festive after this, so we decided to sort through the collection of Christmas-gifts-bought-early and begin our wrapping! I buy gifts starting right at the beginning of the year, and keep them in a gift cabinet. My best friend Hollie had the perfect idea for organizing the gifts when it came to wrapping time: get large paper bags,...

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Soy Candle Making: Behind the Scenes

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Day 26 #blogyourbrand Soy Candle Making: Behind the Scenes Lotion Bar Cafe has been making soy candles for six years now. We first decided to add the soy candles and soy melts to our line so we could expand our business and have more product in our most popular scents. You may be wondering: Why did we choose to make soy candles? We don't have any other product that is 100% soy, so why the candles? Well, the soy wax we use in our candles melts at a very low temperature, creating a cooler flame, and allowing the candle to...

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Fizzies , Fizzies , Fizzies

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Day 25 #blogyourbrand Dear fizzies I hate you with a passion... That is what I used to say. I used to hate to making them and pretty much cry every time I made a batch. I started making bath fizzies, because I love baths and do not like what is in bubble baths. I love to soak the day away. once I got my technique down I never have any "failed" batches. Whats that saying what does not kill you ,makes you stronger.......It is very true. After I wrote the book Make It Fizz: A Guide to Making Bathtub Treats I...

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Laundry Butter ~The Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Day 20 #blogyourbrand Laundry Butter~ The Multi-Purpose Cleaner I know the word laundry and butter seem like a weird combination,but it works amazingly. Laundry butter consist of coconut oil soap. We make 100 percent coconut oil soap and grate it.After grating it we make the laundry butter. This process takes about 8 hours from start to finish. We made and test it out for a few months and the response was amazing. How do you use laundry butter? That is our biggest question, that is always asked. Well all you do is add a teaspoon to your laundry and that...

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Handmade Hollyday Eve...

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Day 19 #blogyourbrand Handmade Hollyday Eve... 'Twas the night before the Hollyday, All the vendors were here. The egg nog was chilled. We were spreading Hollyday cheer.   I could be just a little bit delirious right now Lol. All throughout the day, vendors were stopping by to set up for the Handmade Hollyday event. There was a special preview night tonight for those who couldn't make it tomorrow, and for some boutique owners in the area. We had light hors d'oeuvres, wine, and "grown-up" egg nog Lol. The preview night was a great time for the vendors to network...

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