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Soy Candle Making: Behind the Scenes

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Day 26 #blogyourbrand Soy Candle Making: Behind the Scenes Lotion Bar Cafe has been making soy candles for six years now. We first decided to add the soy candles and soy melts to our line so we could expand our business and have more product in our most popular scents. You may be wondering: Why did we choose to make soy candles? We don't have any other product that is 100% soy, so why the candles? Well, the soy wax we use in our candles melts at a very low temperature, creating a cooler flame, and allowing the candle to...

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Handmade Hollyday Eve...

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Day 19 #blogyourbrand Handmade Hollyday Eve... 'Twas the night before the Hollyday, All the vendors were here. The egg nog was chilled. We were spreading Hollyday cheer.   I could be just a little bit delirious right now Lol. All throughout the day, vendors were stopping by to set up for the Handmade Hollyday event. There was a special preview night tonight for those who couldn't make it tomorrow, and for some boutique owners in the area. We had light hors d'oeuvres, wine, and "grown-up" egg nog Lol. The preview night was a great time for the vendors to network...

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18 Days on the Road! - Part One

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Day 14 #blogyourbrand In mid-July of this summer, Lexi and I were busy packing up supplies and luggage for our 18 day road trip! I was going to teach at the Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA (near San Francisco). This has been on my Business Bucket List since I first started making soap. It was one of the only items still on my list of 50 goals. We were very excited for our road trip, so we spent all summer budgeting our trip and planning out all the fun we would have along the way! The night before we...

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Quick And Easy Dinner For A Busy Working Day!

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Day 3 #blogyourbrand Some days I go down to my soapy dungeon and do not come up for hours. The next thing I know my family is home and I still have to cook dinner. Well not anymore I love my crock-pot and I do not feel guilty for using it. I also love my rice cooker. Some days I will use both and it makes my day more productive. Working at home has its own challenges. When you have to have time for home chores and work. I break down my day (more on that later) but I plan out the week with...

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How To Host A Holiday Craft Show With Other Artists

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Day 2 of #blogyourbrand How to put on a Holiday Craft show you ask? What is involved? Every year we put on a Handmade Hollyday. We started with having a holiday stop and shop and invited a few of our friends that made handmade items also. With my name being Holly well you see (Hollyday) was perfect. We sent out invites, hung signs at local coffee shops, salons, schools, ect. That was 8 years ago. Now we have 10-13 vendors that set up their products and customers come from all over to buy them. Can I tell you it is...

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