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Sharing my #makeitfizztour by doing a Summer Blogging Challenge

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[caption id="attachment_1302" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Blog Your Brand 30 Day Summer Challenge[/caption] Hello my wonderful peeps! I just came back from teaching on the east coast #makeitfizz2016 and what a better way to share my experience than share it during this summer blogging challenge. Over the next 30 days I will be sharing my journey of 35 days 23 states, Canada and D.C. Can you guess how many miles I drove? Or the strangest food we tried? I had an amazing time. People keep asking if I would do it again. No!!! Is the answer. Not that I did not have...

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Fizzies , Fizzies , Fizzies

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Day 25 #blogyourbrand Dear fizzies I hate you with a passion... That is what I used to say. I used to hate to making them and pretty much cry every time I made a batch. I started making bath fizzies, because I love baths and do not like what is in bubble baths. I love to soak the day away. once I got my technique down I never have any "failed" batches. Whats that saying what does not kill you ,makes you stronger.......It is very true. After I wrote the book Make It Fizz: A Guide to Making Bathtub Treats I...

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A Sweet Spice From A Friend

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Day 18 #Blogyourbrand ~Every Bar Has A Story~ Cozy Cardamom Cozy Cardamom is a new soap named by my dear friend Sue. Sue has seen our business from the beginning, and is an amazing woman of God. Sue and George moved to the Middle East a few years ago, and they always go to the local markets. They brought me back a gift of spices, saffron, and cardamom pods. Oh, man, do they smell good! I wanted to make a bar for her and use the cardamom in it, so first I put the pods in olive oil to infuse them....

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Last Minute Checklist For A Holiday Show

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Day 17  #Blogyourbrand Last Minute Checklist For A Holiday Show Oh my goodness we have filled the goody bags 100 of them. Here is a picture of the girls. This is the last push to get everything ready for our annual Handmade Hollyday. We have labeled all we can! Tables are set for the vendors.     I thought I would give a little check list of what needs to be finished. So if you are having a holiday show you can use it too. Tables set Goody bags Tickets Pens Refreshments Jars for tickets (for drawing) Lunch ordered for...

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Every Bar Has A Story... How We Connect with Our Customer

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Day #9 #blogyourbrand   We all have a story to tell, whether it's all sunshine and roses or a dark past you have overcome. Our motto or tagline is "Every Bar Has a Story". We name products that people can relate to, or from experiences we have had while on this soaping journey. I think it is important to connect to our customers on a personal level. I like it when they ask, "Where did you get the 'Punch You in the Face' name for your soap?" (I'm not telling you now, but that story is coming soon.) Since I...

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