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A Sweet Spice From A Friend

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Day 18 #Blogyourbrand ~Every Bar Has A Story~ Cozy Cardamom Cozy Cardamom is a new soap named by my dear friend Sue. Sue has seen our business from the beginning, and is an amazing woman of God. Sue and George moved to the Middle East a few years ago, and they always go to the local markets. They brought me back a gift of spices, saffron, and cardamom pods. Oh, man, do they smell good! I wanted to make a bar for her and use the cardamom in it, so first I put the pods in olive oil to infuse them....

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Hello It's Me....

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Day 12 #Blogyourbrand  Yes my title sounds like the new Adele It actually was the name of my first blog post. As I have had a crazy day of packaging and labeling and creating new labels (they take me forever but I am learning the new program pretty fast now). I have a mix of songs playing and Adele's "Hello" song came on. If you have no idea what I am talking about click HERE and take a listen. My first blog post was so simple and sad but I had no idea what I was doing. Here it is below: Hello...

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How To Host A Holiday Craft Show With Other Artists

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Day 2 of #blogyourbrand How to put on a Holiday Craft show you ask? What is involved? Every year we put on a Handmade Hollyday. We started with having a holiday stop and shop and invited a few of our friends that made handmade items also. With my name being Holly well you see (Hollyday) was perfect. We sent out invites, hung signs at local coffee shops, salons, schools, ect. That was 8 years ago. Now we have 10-13 vendors that set up their products and customers come from all over to buy them. Can I tell you it is...

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Simply Start...........

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Ever have the feeling of where do I begin? The overwhelming feeling that it has to be perfect in order to be made, shared, or even blogged about? The feeling of "Am I good enough?" or even "I am way behind, so why start now?" True confession: I have that feeling a lot. Well today I am not letting that fear take over anymore. My tagline is "Every Bar Has a Story". I am going to let you into my soapy world a bit more and share with you some of "their" stories. Some are happy, some are sad, and...

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2014 Color Trends ---Inspired

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Wow what fun colors that are trending for 2014 . I am so inspired by 2013 by all of you that I am really excited to dig right on in to 2014. I love these colors and you will see some new soaps inspired by them. Lots of new scents, colors, projects to come .........Thanks for joining me on this soapy ride

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