Sweet Hospitality With A Side Of Shrimp And Grits.....OH And A SNAKE!!!

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*For those of you that are wondering what the tour was all about here is a recap: We drove and taught on the east coast classes based off my book  Make it Fizz and I am sharing the journey with you.TEA SHOP & CAFE Day 5 of our Journey!   We left Cabbage Patch Hospital (I never wanted to leave) to head to Spartanburg, SC. to stop for the day. This was the same day we left Perry, GA. So it was a long day with fun stops. My friend Jennifer offered us to stay with her and have some shrimp and grits..... Who can so no to that??? Not this Bama girl. Let me tell you about Jennifer. She screams southern hospitality! Her and her husband have a beautiful home. Seriously looks like it is out of Better Homes & Gardens magazine she has such cute decor with a pineapple here and there. Along our way we found out pineapples were the sign of hospitality. Did you know that?. I met Jennifer at a soap makers conference years ago, she worked for a supplier that sells products to us soap makers and was always friendly. I was instantly drawn to her. Now we have been friends for over 5 years.IMG_5446 When we arrived she had a big pot of onions, bell peppers and sausage sauteing. The aromas were heavenly. A big creamy pot of southern style grits were bubbling away. IMG_5450 (2) IMG_5448We had picked up a watermelon on the trip up and brought it in and cut it up to go with dinner. IMG_5449 (2) IMG_5453During dinner we talked about the trip and got off on the conversation of snakes. I hate snakes! They were saying they have a black snake in their yard and that its good to have a black snake to keep out other bad snakes.....There is a good snake? Well I do not want to meet any of them. The good one or the bad one. Well her dear sweet funny husband decided to leave the dinner table and go get "something"...... we are still eating and all of a sudden he comes around the corner with about a 5 ft. black snake and its moving all over the place. We all got up and screamed like little girls and huddled in the corner. He is dying of laughter as all of us are curled up behind Gaga (Jennifer's Mother). Gaga is still gently eating at end of table. Oh my goodness I peed my pants. He is laughing so hard at us and stops moving his hand and the snake stops moving.......It was a very large fake snake! Needless to say we got to do some laundry. LOL. and finished the night laughing and relaxing. I miss her already! Next morning her husband tried to make up with pastries and coffee.....the coffee worked He did leave the snake by the door.... meany!!IMG_5454IMG_5440We left there and headed to Charlotte, NC to our next adventure....Lexi started warming up to Holly Anne (cabbage patch) lol Thanks for following along with our journey .... more tomorrow ~Holly &Lexi

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