Soy Candle Making: Behind the Scenes

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Day 26 #blogyourbrand Soy Candle Making: Behind the Scenes soy candlemaking Lotion Bar Cafe has been making soy candles for six years now. We first decided to add the soy candles and soy melts to our line so we could expand our business and have more product in our most popular scents. You may be wondering: Why did we choose to make soy candles? We don't have any other product that is 100% soy, so why the candles? Well, the soy wax we use in our candles melts at a very low temperature, creating a cooler flame, and allowing the candle to last longer by liquefying completely. Our soy wax is also very environmentally friendly. We also use 100% cotton wicks. These wicks allow for a clean burn, without soot flying into the air. We are now going to take you through our process of making soy candles and soy melts! candle jars

To begin, we wick all of our candle jars.

candle wax

Next, we melt down our soy wax at a low temperature.

melted wax

After the soy wax has melted down, we add dye chips to give the candles a beautiful color. After the wax has cooled down to the optimal temperature, we add fragrance oils or essential oils.

poured candle

After the scent has been incorporated, we slowly pour the wax into our jars. We like to keep the jars lined up in neat rows on the table to make for easy pouring. After the candle has been poured, but before it starts to solidify, we add a wick holder. The wick holder ensures that the wick will stay directly in the center of the candle, and stay upright.


After the candles have sat for 24 hours, we clip the wicks with wick-cutters. Then, we put the lids on and label the candles. The candles must cure for at least four days after being poured so that the scent is longer-lasting.

candle shelf

Here is a picture of some of our finished product!

soy melts

You can also pour the wax into melt containers. When they are solidified, they pop out of their cube and are melted in a warmer.

We hope you like this sneak peak into our soy candle making process. We will be trying to give you more behind the scenes looks into other products.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Holly (and the rest of the Lotion Bar Cafe team) :)

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