Soaping Across America.....Next stop New York City!


This has been such a fun and amazing year. The year started off by traveling with my husband to the west coast and going to a little town called Bellingham, Washington. Where we visited Otion-The Soapmaking Bar and took one of Kat's classes (with some fun other soapers Marta and Lauri) and got to smell all of Bramble Berrys amazing scents. Bramble Berry Is one of my top suppliers . I love all of the testing they do to insure your product to come out just the way you want it to! Next it was on to Portland , Or.  Where the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild  had their annual conference. I was so excited to that Kat asked me to assist her (ok I was scared lol )  You get to meet some amazing people. Win awesome prizes and learn so much! The first day I took a melt and pour class that Debbie May taught . I really love her and her husband. I love to see how they work together (reminds me of my husband and I) and that she has done so much for our industry. She is the owner of   Next it was on to Alabama where Amanda with and I had so much fun meeting ladies from my home state. Talk about southern Hospitality!Met some amzing ladies that I now can call friends.   Ok Then a few weeks later we where off to Austin Texas! For the texas soapmaking conference.   This time amanda brought tons of supplies and I brought stuff for fizzies and felting . We made foot balms, Foaming bath truffles, soaps, molds and videos . Can you say fun! It was like our own soap weekend retreat!               After Our weekend We both were asked to come to New York  City (pictured above was us jumping up and down when we woke to the email) We are silly :) Please Join us in New York City and have 3 days filled with FUN! Go to to find out about the classes!   Photo: Wahoo!  I'm headed to NYC with my good friend Holly Port and the fabulous Marla Bosworth to teach soapmaking!  Join us August 24, 25  and 26 for a three day soapmaking bootcamp!  Learn how to make and sell more than 15 different types of soap (cold process natural bars, advanced color designs, felted soap designs, wine, beer and champagne soap, cupcake, chai latte and salt bar soaps, and four kinds of glycerin soaps, including photo and personalized bars!  Sign up at!

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