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2015-04-21 14.04.50Ever have the feeling of where do I begin? The overwhelming feeling that it has to be perfect in order to be made, shared, or even blogged about? The feeling of "Am I good enough?" or even "I am way behind, so why start now?" True confession: I have that feeling a lot. Well today I am not letting that fear take over anymore. My tagline is "Every Bar Has a Story". I am going to let you into my soapy world a bit more and share with you some of "their" stories. Some are happy, some are sad, and the rest are inspiring. I hope to encourage you to SIMPLY start. Start where you are now! Don't try to catch up with what you think is the finish line, but rather jump in and work with what you have and with what you can do.

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  • Jessica on

    very true my friend! not that you need another thing to do, your gift of sharing is a blessing to so many! your stories, your soap, your laughter makes the world a better place!

  • Holly on

    Thank you ! <3

  • Aubrey on

    Agreed! I’m excited to read your stories! ♡

  • Holly on


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