Overwhelmed With Gratitude ,Peeling Away The Layers

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I am just now peeling away all of the layers of my soapy life from the past few months. At one point it was a bit overwhelming I am not going to lie. But I took each event and took it all in. First thing is first I want to thank each and everyone of you who have purchased a book from me. All of your cards, well wishes, messages and text from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I am so thankful to God for this journey he has given me.

me and chris

In May my husband and I went to Tucson, Arizona and Celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. It was amazing we sat poolside and had smoothies and relaxed......yep I said that word "relaxed". It was so nice not to do anything. We had a spa day full of facials , massages and mud wraps. We work so hard and forget sometimes to take time for ourselves, it was refreshing.

kansas peeps

We also went to the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guilds annual conference where we got to see all of our soapy friends. I was a speaker and so excited that Bramble Berry sponsored me and that I always dreamed of speaking for the guild. I taught the first day on how to make bath bombs/fizzies and had a table in the vendor area to sell my book. The response was so sweet and endearing. The F-bomber (aka Fizzy bomber husband) was there and even signed a few books. He had so much fun!

fizz selfie book signing

I also got to do my first professional video on how to make bath bombs/fizzies. That is so much more work than I would have imagined. It was fun, scary and full of emotions all rolled up into one. One thing is for sure is I am scared of the dark hole that leads to nowhere (the lens) lol. I am sure you will  soon see the blooper video that was shown on the awards night.


I was honored that I was nominated for board of directors earlier this year with four other fantastic people. During the member's luncheon we found out our fate. Charlene, Benjamin and my self were chosen to be board of directors of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild where I am now over "Member of the Year" and I am excited to showcase amazing people doing amazing things with soap making.


We flew to New York a few weeks after conference to have our first board meeting long days of meetings my brain was on overload. Then Charlene and I took a train to NYC and went to see the BIG city ! That was so much fun to get to know her and to see some fun places, the food was amazing.

guild peeps me and char

When I got home from all of this I had a Canadian supplier Saffire Blue contacted me and want to carry my book. Then the Nova Studio ,Theresa Essential Oil ,Mossy Creek, Bramble Berry (will have in less than two weeks) all are carrying it now! I am over the moon. I will be heading back to teach bath bombs in NYC this fall for the Back Porch Soap company and can not wait. If you are in Texas area I will be teaching with the Amazing Amanda from Lovin Soap In August. click here for more details

I am so thankful and grateful I get to do what I love to do! Thank you to everyone that buys a bath bomb, soap , lip balm or even just comes by to chat with out you I could not do what I do. You are part of my journey also. Thank You!


book signing

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