NYC Part 3 ~GMA, The View and Les Miserables

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*For those of you that are wondering what the tour was all about here is a recap: We drove and taught on the east coast classes based off my book  Make it Fizz and I am sharing the journey with you. 11 Day 11 I could hardly sleep the night before. We were so excited about going to The View. We got up early and headed to GMA and I took some pictures of our favorite morning show. Plus to get a picture of my husbands sweetie Ginger Z. lol.IMG_5848 IMG_5838 IMG_5845 After we let GMA we headed to where they produce The View. Boy it is a process...... We had priority tickets, so that helped some. You get there a hour before and stand inline then you are processed and you sit in a waiting area for another hour then you go in a few at a time and are placed where they want you . We wore bright colors because we read they put you where the camera will see you. IMG_5858 IMG_5860 IMG_5861 IMG_8898 IMG_8908 Funny at every break they got on their phones lol. It was really cool to see behind the scenes. I love Joy and Sarah Haines was on there they were our favorite. We headed to go to the art museum for a little bit and the New York Public Library IMG_5924 IMG_5923 IMG_5896 IMG_5892 IMG_5920 IMG_5911 We went to go get tickets at the half place ticket stand in middle of TImes Square. We had our top 3 picks of what we wanted to see. We got our first pick! We got tickets to see  Les Miserables. We did not have time for dinner so we got guacamole, beet salad and plantains in Grand Central Station. I know what a weird mix of food . But hey it was veggies and they were delish. IMG_5926 We went to get inline for the show and got our seats. WOW, it was amazing! The music, the proformers ahhhhhhhh the whole thing was AMAZING. How can anything top this day? Oh a cupcake for after the show was the icing on the "cake" . IMG_5931 IMG_5930 IMG_5934 IMG_5937 IMG_5933 I love NYC and have so much fun every time I get the chance to go. What is your favorite NYC thing to do ? Thanks for stopping by ~Holly

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