Nothing Is Keeping From Blogging My Brand ....Even A Trip To The ER

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Day 5 #Bloggingyourbrandfacebook Remember I said I have had a rough couple of weeks well today I woke up at 3 am worried I did not know what to blog about today ha ha little did I know what my day held.I had a lot of orders to  get out and it was cold and yucky weather and I was really kinda feeling tired. Next thing I know my new laptops fan motor was really loud and would not turn off. So I finished all my orders and headed to BEST BUY.(Thankfully I have a warranty) As I was driving I started feeling worse and I had not eaten or drank anything much all day. The day was going by so fast! At Best Buy I was waiting inline and a lady said, " something smells good". I just smiled. a few minutes later she was walking back and forth in front of me and asked if I smelled  apple spice. Remind you I was not feeling well so I was not picking up the I am a soapmaker and she smells me cues lol. So I said no but I made cranberry spice lotion bars. It is probably on my clothes. She came up to me in my personal space as if we were going to hug. Boy If I had some  lotion bars on me I could have sold her a few lol. Next I went over to get a gift at another department store and was in line and the pain I was felling in my back was ridiculous and I felt like I had fever. Immediately I went to They got me in right away an ran some tests.(I will spare you the urine sample cup picture)  All I was thinking was I still have to blog for the challenge. And what was I going to write about. That is when I heard the nurse say "Did you smell her? She smells so good most people don't smell that good when they come in here." When she came back in the room I told her I made soap and lotions and gave her a card. I was watching the clock and even wondered if I would make it home. But I did! So today I learned...... 1. DRINK FLUID!  I have been so busy I have not been drinking enough fluid. And now I have a kidney Infection and in bed. 2. Always be aware of what scents you are "wearing" from making product. 3.Drink Fluid! 4. Make sure to keep business cards on you at all time. 5 Drink Fluid! 6.Did I mention DRINK FLUID 7. My wristband says 40! When did that happen Goodnight <3

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