Niagara Falls ~ Spiritual and Magical

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*For those of you that are wondering what the tour was all about here is a recap: We drove and taught on the east coast classes based off my book Make it Fizz and I am sharing the journey with you.Niagara Falls Day 23 We arrived at Niagara Falls and checked in our hotel. Our hotel was amazing right up against the falls . So close we could see the water. We unpacked and got ready to go see the falls and see if we could get on the boat that takes you up to the actual falls.IMG_6961 It was a long walk to get to the boat area. You can see the people on the American side climbing up the stairs back up to top. On the Canadian side you take a elevator. The American boat everyone has blue poncho on and the Canadian side has on red ones.IMG_6892 IMG_6891 IMG_6893 We got on the boat and went to the bottom and to the very front. We were the only ones down there. The noise from the falls was so loud even from where we were.IMG_6911 As we approached the falls you almost feel it pull the boat in. You start to get wet from it . most were trying to cover up. Not me I was letting go. Just letting the water hit my face. The past few years have been really hard and at that moment I let it all go. We were so close to the falls that when you looked right and left that is all you could see. You could feel how powerful the water was coming over the edge and how it could just crush you. It was chaotic, powerful and peaceful. So hard to explain. I felt so much peace. I imagine its what heaven feels like. We all had a moment and felt like our loved ones that passed were with us. I know it sounds crazy but I feel my dad there,IMG_6921 IMG_6924 IMG_6932 IMG_6934 IMG_6919 IMG_6935 So thankful for this moment and it was amazing ending to our trip to Canada. Tomorrow I will tell you about our stop in Ohio!

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