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Laundry Butter ~The Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Day 20 #blogyourbrandlaundry butter Laundry Butter~ The Multi-Purpose Cleaner I know the word laundry and butter seem like a weird combination,but it works amazingly. Laundry butter consist of coconut oil soap. We make 100 percent coconut oil soap and grate it.After grating it we make the laundry butter. This process takes about 8 hours from start to finish. We made and test it out for a few months and the response was amazing. How do you use laundry butter? That is our biggest question, that is always asked. Well all you do is add a teaspoon to your laundry and that is it. Wash just like normal. Why use laundry butter? The chemical detergents in leading commercial brands are harsh on your skin. The laundry butter leaves your clothes feeling clean. We make it in lemongrass and unscented. Most essential oils will not make it through the dryer. Your clothes will feel so clean. What else can you use laundry butter for? Well I am glad you asked lol. Take 1 teaspoon and put in a spray bottle with warm water and shake it to dissolve it. Then spray on counters, floors, microwave, refrigerator or any dirty surface. Let sit for a few minutes and then wipe clean.  The counter tops feel so clean and there is no residue. Below this is pictures a customer posted to our page. She used a recycled bottle and used 1 teaspoon of laundry butter..... refige 2 fridge Here is what she posted..... Holly Port and Lotion Bar Cafe. I can't tell you how much your products are blessing my life right now! Your face bar and eye cream are amazing! The laundry butter works better than any detergent I've ever used in the past - and lasts! Also, I mixed a tablespoon of the laundry butter with water in a spray bottle and cleaned my entire refrigerator, inside and out! It was LITERALLY effortless. I sprayed, let it sit for 3 minutes, and wiped. Everything came off right away. No scrubbing necessary! Also, I'm super sensitive to chemicals these days and your products do not irritate my eyes or lungs AT ALL! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...... Thanks Niki! Thanks for stopping by ! ~Holly

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