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I Never Thought I Would Write A Book... But I Did

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If you would have asked me when I started if I ever thought I would write a book, I would say, "Um, no, you are crazy!" I was asked to teach a bath bomb class at an annual conference last May. At first, I was putting together a "handout" and kept writing, showing, and sharing years of techniques. Then, it ended up becoming a book. I have Kayla Fioravanti, the author of How To Self-Publish: A guide for Author-Preneurs, to thank. After reading her book, I turned my years of notes into my own book called, Make It Fizz: A Guide To Making Bathtub Treats.

I love hearing everyone's excitement when they can make a bath bomb/fizzy. I love the kids that come up to me and are smiling because they can make them now. I love reading emails and seeing pictures of others' work that was inspired by my book. It makes me happy to help.

What I did not expect when writing the book was the harsh criticism. I am a nice person, I think. I never want to hurt anyone on purpose. It is easy to say whatever you want sitting behind a computer screen. However, even with the negative people out there, I find that the joy from helping just one person is worth it. I just didn't expect the criticism.

Would I do it again? Yep. I have learned a lot over the past year and a half about myself. I am strong, sensitive, and I discovered that I am a teacher! I enjoy sharing my talent with others. If you have a talent, share it! You never know where it will take you. Don't keep it to yourself.

I am working on my next book... More on that later :)

The post below is what I posted when I released my book.

I am so excited and nervous to announce the release date of my book, Make it Fizz: A Guide to Making Bathtub Treats. I love to make bath fizzies/bath bombs and I hope you will too! I will be speaking at the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild conference in just a few weeks (thank you Bramble Berry for sponsoring my sessions). I will be using Ancient Sedona and Lemongrass Sage in my class and they smell amazing. I will be releasing the book at the conference and will have copies available for purchase. Click here for more information. I will also be donating a portion of sales to the Lovin Soap Project. It's a fabulous project that Amanda Gail and Benjamin Arron are doing! Click Here for more info on how you can help


For those of you not attending the conference, I am putting a pre-sale on my shop, Lotion Bar Cafe <---- Buy here!!

AS A BONUS I will be giving away 200 Bath fizzies/bombs and 50 bath fizzies/bombs (mixed scents) to 4 people. The drawing will take place May 27th and will be announced on my Facebook page  ________________________________________________________________ *** One 8 x 10 book and will be shipped during the last week of May, Priority Mail *** ________________________________________________________________ For all of you asking, I get my meatballers and the 2 piece plastic molds here Wholesale Supplies Plus Anyways, that's my story of how I began using my talent to help others. Thanks for stopping by! ~Holly

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