How Talking About POOP, Sparked A New Product!

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Day 6 #Blogyourbrand  How Talking About POOP, Sparked A New Product! Oh yes you read that right! I have 2 boys so the word POOP comes up often. But this story started when my friend Kayla Fioravanti had posted pictures of  poop sacks. Oh yes there is a such a thing. (This is where I insert picture) just kidding!  You see her cats love to chase and kill all her field mice but after they are done with the mice (aka eat them) They leave her a little present....the poop sack. They seem to love the mice but they do not fancy this little delicacy.  Ha ha !  I had sent her a meme about the poop emoji,poop and we started chatting back and forth and some how we started talking about fizzies. It was a late night Facebook chat and I think we were delirious. She said you can make poop fizzies for those people on Santa's naughty list.I said yes and they float. Then we started talking about fizzys and poop floats, like a play on the movie "hope floats." That weekend we made some mini fizzies with cocoa powder and scented them with chocolate hazelnut.....That seemed appropriate for what I was about to make. [caption id="attachment_1027" align="aligncenter" width="169"]poop3 Poopy Fizzies![/caption] Then remember I lost all of my art work so my friend has been teaching me Photo Shop one day a week. When she came over I told her that I wanted to learn how to make a pooping reindeer label. Poor Niki, we google searched pooping reindeer for about a good hour ....for a good laugh try it.(Disclaimer : lots of poop pictures) I found what I wanted and she helped me color him and create the base of the label. Then did a play on words with the reindeer poop candy poem. Oh Deer! These are going to make a great gift this holiday season. If Kayla would not have posted about her gross poop sacks then I would not have made these. So thanks Kayla! Here is a picture of the final product. [caption id="attachment_1028" align="aligncenter" width="225"]For the ones that don't even deserve coal! For the ones that don't even deserve coal! ~~~ ha ha[/caption] Thanks for stopping by ! I can not believe I just wrote about poop! Holly   Oh Poopsy! ~ Room Spray will be available in the coming weeks ~ Holly

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