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*For those of you that are wondering what the tour was all about here is a recap: We drove and taught on the east coast classes based off my book Make it Fizz and I am sharing the journey with you.Home Day 28 We woke up and brushed our teeth, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out the hotel door. We had very little sleep because people were shooting fireworks off alllllllllllllllll night long. We filled the car up with gas and headed to the Colorado-Kansas border. IMG_7072 IMG_7070We made it and it felt so good to be in Colorado. The crisp air was missed so much. I could not wait to see my hubby and boys, to sleep in my own bed. Home sweet home. We got home and it was the 4th of July. We grilled out back and just relaxed with the family. I did not unpack (and still have some boxes that I need to unpack) lol. I did get the box that had all the espresso  in it. Here is the collection I got espresso from all the states we visited (and Canada) but Illinois. This is the best souvenir to have because it will last for the year.  I can have my cup in the morning and think about where we were when we got it. IMG_7074 My son got an apprenticeship with a plumbing company and had to drive to Denver. I did not want him driving that early in the morning to a busy city he has not been to. (I know call me over protective). But I had driven my older son and wanted to take him. So what is one more day of driving right ? 5 a.m. we got up and headed out to Denver. IMG_7082 While I waited 8 hours I thought I would go to Toyota and get a oil change. Well they said it would be 2-3 hours to get my first check up and oil change without an appointment.....Um I was ok with that. I had mail from 35 days to go through. I had hundreds of emails to go through and they had free massages and a espresso machine. What more did I need.  IMG_7086 I went to Costco while I was up there and found this guy....which now has a piece of my heart and his name is Thor.(FB Peeps named Him). IMG_7089 I am so happy to be home. Things I learned while I was gone for 35  days is coming up next~ Holly

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