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Day 12 #Blogyourbrand hello Yes my title sounds like the new Adele It actually was the name of my first blog post. As I have had a crazy day of packaging and labeling and creating new labels (they take me forever but I am learning the new program pretty fast now). I have a mix of songs playing and Adele's "Hello" song came on. If you have no idea what I am talking about click HERE and take a listen. My first blog post was so simple and sad but I had no idea what I was doing. Here it is below: Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by! Come back to see ! Lots of exciting things going on!! New soap, new lip balm and more! Thanks, Holly This was from May of 2009 I was at a conference and had set it up. The class was over my head at the time but I wanted to learn. I averaged about 5 post a year.....so I have blogged the past 11 days.That is what I would have done in 2 years. So I am pretty proud of myself and grateful for this wonderful group I am in.  Why did I not blog? Well I am not very good at writing, I went to 16  (3 in 6th grade alone) different schools and I am very self conscious of my grammar and spelling. But you know what? Life is too short to worry about what others think of my grammar. You should see my handwriting lol . Being a business owner and being transparent is hard but I am pretty much a open book to people that are close to me. Most people that know me, know I am kind and giving person and to me that is more important than my spelling. I live in beautiful Colorado and I love it. One thing when I was growing up was I wished my kids one day could stay in the same school district. Well our youngest is a senior and I can say that I planted roots and had two boys that stayed and grew up and have friend they do life with. I love seeing all the kids I have known since Pre-K. I met my husband here when I was a teenager and we got married. All of my family moved back to Alabama and I stayed here. PLANTED ROOTS! My husband and oldest are plumbers and again my youngest is a senior. My 16 year old cousin has lived with us since January and is a junior in high school with Josh . I am thankful I wake up each day and see the mountains and get to walk with my best friend everyday. I do cherish the people that are and want to be in my life. Because when you move around you lose so many. So if you are just starting out to blogging.......You can just be simple, but as I am learning it gets easier each day. Thank you everyone from the great response from my challenge. If there are things you want to learn or know let me know. I have a few product recipes coming and a few giveaways. My big Handmade Hollyday is next weekend and I will post some pictures from it. Thanks for stopping by~Holly

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