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Friendship Soap~For my bestie for her Birthday!

Every bar has a story

Friendship Soap ~Lemon Verbena and Thyme Every bar has A story and here is one of them! I wanted to make a bar for my best friend of 21 years . As you know my name is Holly and so is hers but spelled Hollie. I am know as the mean Holly and she is known as the nice Hollie (not sure where that came from rumors have it she tells people that I AM MEAN LOL ) and we live on the same street , I have two boys and she has two girls. Our kids have the same birth month (and two of them where born on same day ) and the list goes on! I am so thankful for her and her friendship she is The bestest best friend that a person could ask for. She is my Oprah and I am her Gayle ..:) One Of Hollies favorite Scents is Lemon Verbena and I put Thyme in there for our (Time) we have been friends, also added some poppy seeds for a little scrubbie feel. This bar has a very clean and fresh scent. On the back of this soap box I put a little saying......."Your Friendship is a present I open every day" This bar is for you Hollie I am thankful for you everyday! Happy Birthday!! This bar would make a great gift for any friend or "bestie"  On the back of the box I put a quote. It says "Your Friendship I like to open everyday"

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