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Fizzy POPS~

Soapy Time

Looks like a sucker......but do not eat these!

They are  a desert for your bath! Packed with Shea butter and Cocoa butter, that leaves your skin feeling so good!

Great for Baby showers, Birthdays, Party favors and Weddings!





Below are samples of the "tops" of the pops

They will have clear package and a ribbon on them ,just like real suckers.(picture on left)

I have them packaged 4 in a box called Bath Truffles

Below is a sample of the truffles.....These are for a special delivery  Thanks for stopping by . You can check out my new website * I am listing new product on their daily now at

These are $3.50 each or orders of 8 of more $3.25 each

The 4 pack bath truffles are $14.00 each and come in a clear box with ribbon

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again soon!

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  • Amy Warden on

    Wow! They really do look good enough to eat!! So cool!

  • lotionbarcafe on

    Thanks Amy!

  • Anne-Marie Faiola on

    My favorites are the onesies! SO cute!

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