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Finished My Business Bucket List...Time To Make A New One!

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*For those of you that are wondering what the tour was all about here is a recap: We drove and taught on the east coast classes based off my book Make it Fizz and I am sharing the journey with you. Finished My BusinessBucket List! Day 24 We got up and headed for the United States border. We wanted to go out over the rainbow bridge but somehow we ended up on the Peace bridge. We were stuck on bridge for a hour and a half. The plans got all messed up and it looks like I lost a friend over it which is really sad. Sad because this person knows me and knows how much I have been through and I would never deliberately upset anyone. I did learn being the only driver and not being able to use my phone was very difficult. Ugh!  IMG_6973 IMG_6974 I had to pee lol waiting on bridge almost asked this guy to use his lol. IMG_6991 IMG_6982  

We barely made it to Wholesale Supplies Plus before they closed. I was having a hard day already and I have always wanted to go to Wholesale Supplies Plus it was the last thing on my 50 things I want to do as a business.I have done more than I can even imagined already. But this was last thing on my list of things I wanted to do. It was bittersweet. I had no more goals on my list. ( more about this later). We dropped Kirin off with her family and hustled to WSP. We walked in and were welcomed so kindly from the staff.IMG_6984

We got a personal tour with Debbie May and got to see where I have been ordering for almost 10 years . We got to see the studio and that is where people can make and take things. Easy projects and of course in the 25 min we were there we made something.  IMG_6994 IMG_6987 IMG_6983

When we left Debbie told us about a restaurant that had opened called Mabel's the owner is Micheal Simon.IMG_7005 IMG_6998 IMG_6997 IMG_6996 Whoa it was amazing. We tried pig ears they were tasty!! We also tried spatzel and cabbage , Holy Cow! so good! We stayed the night in Cleveland and got up early because my son called and got a job and needed me.

Time to make a new business bucket list!

Tomorrow I will share with you the journey home ~Holly

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