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Fathers Day~ Pool Ball Felted Soaps

8 ball bramble berry brambleberry felted soap lotion bar cafe pool ball pool ball felted soaps soap Soapy Time


Oh yes I did!  When I got the new round mold by Bramble Berry I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them!

068I was going to just make a "lucky 8 ball soap" . I had taught a felting class last weekend and had some extra colors and thought let me make a few others. Honestly if I would have had the other colors and more soap balls , you would be looking at the whole set.

How did I make these cute pool ball soaps you ask? Well I will share with you my top secret fuzzy felted soap technique :)


078I made a batch of my lavender goats milk soap and let it sit in mold overnight. Then let the soap cure for about 5 weeks or longer . We are going to get this soap really wet so we want to have a really hard bar so it will keep its shape.


Now you need wool to felt with I love getting wool from Bobbie O'Brien . Her baby alpaca is like butter in your hands. 080You want to make sure you have a good layer of wool with no gaps in there.081Wrap in a bundle 082With really warm/hot water get it wet and sudsy . With the round soaps it is nice you can agitate it in you hands and get the fibers to felt together

083The soap helps it felt . It is done when you can not pinch and lift any of the wool up085There you have it soapy felted balls ....Or our Cue ball for our pool felted soap balls070


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  • Amanda on

    Adorable! I love it!

  • Anne-Marie Faiola on

    So cute — they turned out great!

  • Holly on

    Thanks Anne-Marie!

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