Every Bar Has A Story... How We Connect with Our Customer

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Day #9 #blogyourbrandevery bar has a story   We all have a story to tell, whether it's all sunshine and roses or a dark past you have overcome. Our motto or tagline is "Every Bar Has a Story". We name products that people can relate to, or from experiences we have had while on this soaping journey. I think it is important to connect to our customers on a personal level. I like it when they ask, "Where did you get the 'Punch You in the Face' name for your soap?" (I'm not telling you now, but that story is coming soon.) Since I really am focusing on writing here, I want to bring this category back. This is one of my first stories Every bar has a story, and here is one of them! Friendship Soap ~Lemon Verbena and Thyme   I wanted to make a bar for my best friend of 25 years. As you know, my name is Holly and so is hers, but spelled Hollie. I am known as the mean Holly and she is known as the nice Hollie (I'm not sure where that came from. Rumor has it she tells people that I AM MEAN LOL). We live on the same street. I have two boys and she has two girls. Our kids have the same birth month (and two of them were born on same day). And the list goes on! I am so thankful for her and her friendship. She is the bestest best friend that a person could ask for. She is my Oprah and I am her Gayle... :) One of Hollie's favorite scents is Lemon Verbena, and I put thyme in there for our time we have been friends. I also added some poppy seeds for a little scrubby feel. This bar has a very clean and fresh scent. This bar is for you, Hollie! I am thankful for you everyday! This bar would make a great gift for any friend or "bestie".  On the back of the box, I put a quote. It says, "Your friendship is a present I open everyday!"

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