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Craft Show Season....What day is it again?

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Day 27 #blogyourbrand craft show Craft show season....what day is it again? Today we have done our second weekend of back to back of craft shows.....I do not even know what I am writing right now or even the date lol. I can not even tell you when I have slept eight hours....Maybe in July I did.  Last weekend was our Handmade Hollyday and we did Liberty High School today. Next weekend we are doing our third craft show in the month of November, at Rampart High School. We love doing high school shows, because the money goes back to the schools. There is always booster clubs, or sports teams that help us unload our cars. libert 2


Today we had an amazing day. I walked around the school and remembered the first space I had there and thought wow we have come along way. The first space I had was 75.00 and I was in a tiny space...but hey I "got In" I only made $80.00. I was not giving up I took that money and paid for space for the following year and requested a area I saw have the most traffic and heard a few people say it was their last year.I put a nice note in my envelope and a lip balm thanking them for accepting me. That following year I got my requested spot and I have never moved in 6 years. I brought Lexi and Bree with me to help out. It was great to have help so I can talk to the customers about our product and focus on their needs.

liberty 3

We are a little silly and tired lol but we got into the spirit of the HOLLYDAY. We like to stay in the same spot so if people can not remember my name at least they remember where we were when they bought our product. The reason I am telling you this is to encourage you. At first you may not do well, but persistence and motivation really pay off.  We now have two spaces so people can walk through and have more room. Thanks stopping by! ~Holly

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