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Contest On Day 50 !

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I am on day 36 of 100 day Facebook live challenge put on by Indie Business! What is 100 day Facebook live challenge? A group of Indie business owners from around the country have joined together for the challenge to support and to keep each of us accountable. The rules are simple a live video and you get to stay in challenge. Do not post one and you are out! At first I can say I did not know what to talk about. I do not want to stare at myself lol. So I am just sharing what I do , people I meet and answer your questions! So thank you for following along <3. On day 50 we will have another drawing for prizes! How do you get in the drawing? Like , comment, ask questions and even place a order! That is it!

If you want to follow the journey here is the Link 



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  • Diane on

    Hi there! I received a soy melt from your shop as a gift and it did not have a sticker on the front. I totally fell in love with this scent! It was a light green color. When I went on your site I figured it must be the Eucalyptus Mint & Tea so I purchased 4 bars. They arrived today. While I do like the way that these smell, they are not the same as the one I was searching for. Do you know what it could be that have? Maybe a scent you had before that is no longer available? Please let me know, as I would love to find it!

    Thanks so much!
    Diane Dwyer


    Hello, I am looking at putting soap bars in the guest gift bags – 75 for my daughters wedding in Colorado Springs, CO in May. Can you offer a discount?

  • Bonnie on

    My sister from Co Sprgs sent me a Christmas pkg including your « lump of coal ». LOVE IT 🥰 FEELS GREAT
    Hubbie ordered me a bunch of lotion bar cafe treats — I’m addicted and very emollient in WASHINGTON STATE! Charming products!!

  • Mette Hansen on

    Hi. Just got done reading your awesome book, and I’m ready to get started making som fizzies!!!!
    Your base recipe calls for lime butter… what is that, and where can I get it/or how can I make it?
    Thank you for being a great inspiration!!!

    Have a wonderful day.
    Mette Hansen

  • Denise Maestas on

    I purchased your lovely lemon lavender soap at my hotel gift shop when I was in CS last month but it’s not listed as a soap to buy here and do you offer mail orders?

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