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Contest On Day 50 !

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I am on day 36 of 100 day Facebook live challenge put on by Indie Business! What is 100 day Facebook live challenge? A group of Indie business owners from around the country have joined together for the challenge to support and to keep each of us accountable. The rules are simple a live video and you get to stay in challenge. Do not post one and you are out! At first I can say I did not know what to talk about. I do not want to stare at myself lol. So I am just sharing what I do , people I meet and answer your questions! So thank you for following along <3. On day 50 we will have another drawing for prizes! How do you get in the drawing? Like , comment, ask questions and even place a order! That is it!

If you want to follow the journey here is the Link 



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  • Claire Ann Bradley on

    Do you have gift cards ? My daughter lives there and I wanted to send her something for Mother’s Day. She shops there also . Thank you

  • Tracey Long on

    Can you assist me with the ingredient list for the solid lotion bars? I have many allergies. My daughter gave me a lotion bar for my birthday last week. I love the smell. Please let me know what the primary ingredients are and if you use essential oils for the scents. I strictly avoid parabens and phthalates. Thanks so much for your help. ~Tracey

  • nsotfgfgx on

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  • Christine Martucci on

    Hi Holly, I love the tissue you wrap your both fizzies in, where did you purchase them?

  • Margo McCoy Howe on

    Hi Holly,
    Just wondering where I might find you. Are you at the shop tomorrow? (Friday, September 27?) Are you open? I need 10 more bars of Spiced Cranberry soap. Just hoping to connect. My cell is 719-310-4316 if you just want to text me back. Thanks Margo

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