Christmas Gift Wrapping... 39 Days Early

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Day 28 #blogyourbrand Christmas Gift Wrapping... 39 Days Early xmas gift wrapping   Today, Lexi and I visited the Holly-Fest craft show along the Riverwalk in Pueblo. You would think I've had enough of craft shows, but I haven't! I absolutely love them! We were feeling festive after this, so we decided to sort through the collection of Christmas-gifts-bought-early and begin our wrapping! I buy gifts starting right at the beginning of the year, and keep them in a gift cabinet. My best friend Hollie had the perfect idea for organizing the gifts when it came to wrapping time: get large paper bags, write the names of each person you're giving gifts to on the bag, and then organize the gifts into their correct bags. This has been very helpful this year! As you can see, we have lots of people to cover this year with gifts! gifts

We have at least 30 bags started already!

I know what you're thinking... It's too early to start wrapping Christmas gifts! Well, not in this house! We love the holidays, and we don't forget about Thanksgiving in this time. We are very thankful for all of our friends, family, and customers like you! Also, I was born on a Thanksgiving day! (I accept coffee as a gift lol!) However, it is tradition that on the night of Thanksgiving, we decorate gingerbread houses and set up the Christmas tree! My family and friends have had this tradition for the past 20 years! We make a competition out of the gingerbread houses! Every year, we also have an Annual Baking Day, go to the Candy Cane Festival, and my best friend and I volunteer for the Bob Telmosse Foundation. We help kids pick out toys for Christmas. You can find out the locations for this awesome foundation at this website:

candy cane festival 2014

Here is a picture of us at the Candy Cane Festival last year!

holly 2

As you can see, Christmas wrapping can get very messy!

Since we began wrapping tonight, we have already lost the scissors and tape a bunch of times! Do you like Christmas as much as I do? What are some of your favorite holiday traditions (Thanksgiving or Christmas)?

Here are some Christmas Links to streams of music for holiday parties!

Click here for 2 hours of Christmas Music in front of a warm fireplace! Click Here for a cool Christmas countdown! Click here for 8 hours of a toasty fireplace! Thanks for stopping by! ~Holly <3

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