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A Sweet Spice From A Friend

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Day 18 #Blogyourbranda sweet spice ~Every Bar Has A Story~

Cozy Cardamom

Cozy Cardamom is a new soap named by my dear friend Sue. Sue has seen our business from the beginning, and is an amazing woman of God. Sue and George moved to the Middle East a few years ago, and they always go to the local markets. They brought me back a gift of spices, saffron, and cardamom pods. Oh, man, do they smell good! I wanted to make a bar for her and use the cardamom in it, so first I put the pods in olive oil to infuse them. However, I did not get much scent from them. Next, I ground them in a coffee grinder, and that is what I was looking for! The aroma is heavenly.  Here is a picture of the market, also called the Grand Bazaar, in Istanbul, where Sue and George were visiting. IMG_0021   Spices are very important to this culture. Here is a picture of a typical meal there.IMG_0315Cardamom is used in many of the dishes. Cardamom is very special to Sue. It reminds her of her grandmother's cardamom buns. Here is a Cardamom Bun recipe HERE. cardamom buns I let Sue pick the name of the soap. She chose Cozy Cardamom. That is a perfect name, as this bar is a blend of warm cardamom with a sweet, sugary undertone! The word cozy is perfect fit for this bar of soap! Thank you, Sue, for naming this bar, and for bringing me back such a treat! Here are a few more pictures she shared with me. The camels look so friendly and they look like they are smiling. IMG_0113  

A camel quintet, as Sue would call them! Lol


Mosques in Saudi Arabia.

  Here is the bar I created with my gift. I used an anise pod on the top for decoration.    Have you ever used cardamom? If so, what have you made with it? I think we are going to make some Cardamom Buns over the holidays to try!   Thanks for stopping by! ~Holly

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  • Theresa on

    Beautiful! I like cardamon in my tea. :)

  • Laura Schwarz on

    Cardamom is a staple spice in our home as it is used a lot in Somalia. I have come to love it and use it in rice, tea and xalawah (a special Somali candy). I’m so glad you discovered it through Sue!

  • Marilyn on

    I love cardamom! I make my Mom’s Christmas Stollen and go HEAVY on the cardamom!

  • Janice on

    I have never tried Cardamom. It will certainly be added to my list of spices to try.

  • Holly on

    oooooh yummy

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