18 Days on the Road! - Part One

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Day 14 #blogyourbrand 18 Days on the Road- Part 1 In mid-July of this summer, Lexi and I were busy packing up supplies and luggage for our 18 day road trip! I was going to teach at the Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA (near San Francisco). This has been on my Business Bucket List since I first started making soap. It was one of the only items still on my list of 50 goals. We were very excited for our road trip, so we spent all summer budgeting our trip and planning out all the fun we would have along the way!

The night before we left, Lexi and I packed the car to the brim with our stuff! On July 17, we left in the wee hours of the morning... We set out from Colorado Springs, Colorado and headed north to Wyoming.



We wouldn't see this beautiful Colorado sunrise for 18 days!

wyoming sign

If you've never drove along this stretch of highway in Wyoming, it's probably one of the most boring drives ever (aside from Kansas). The highlight of this stretch was a herd of camels we saw along the side of the road lol. After we finally made it through Wyoming, we were in Utah, heading to Salt Lake City.

utah sign

We stopped at another soapmaker's house, where she hosted us for three days. :) Can I tell you how much I love my soapy sisters and how kind they are? Thank you, Nikki, for your hospitality. I taught a group of ladies there at her house how to make bath bombs and bubble bars. We then spent our last day in Salt Lake City eating breakfast at The Park Cafe and browsing the Farmer's Market.

Nikki is going to kill me for posting this photo... Lol

Next, Lexi and I headed across Utah towards San Francisco and stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats! Along the road, people would leave their names or even proclaim their love in rocks along the side. Well, of course, we pulled off and left a note of our own! :)

Our next stop was Reno, Nevada for the night.

nevada sign

We stayed at a beautiful casino and we had a rooftop pool all to ourselves. Unfortunately, we could only enjoy the pool for about 20 minutes before Lexi got a nose bleed in the pool!

The next morning, we were eager to get to San Francisco, so we headed out early, but only after having a great breakfast at the original Mel's Diner in Reno.

mel's diner

We had a few stops along the way, as soon as we got into California.

california sign

The Jelly Bean Factory was lots of fun. Have you noticed how hard it is to say "Jelly Belly"? Lol I kept saying "Belly Jelly" and Lexi was making fun of me!

When we were nearing San Francisco, we stopped off to see our friend Vivian... Of course, she is another soapmaker! <3

Vivian was at work when we stopped by, so we had lunch with her. She is so adorable and sweet! She is one of the nicest ladies I know! We could have stayed there all night chatting! Unfortunately, we had to leave Vivian (although we would see her a few days later during my class at the Nova Studio). We were headed off to San Francisco! However, that story is for another blog to come! Thanks for stopping by! ~Holly

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