Testing New Scents in Cold Process Soap~

bramble berry lotion bar cafe s.o.a.p panel Soapy Time

Wow what can I say , fresh Cp soap curing = yummo! As I sit here and smell them one by one I have found my favorites ! As you can see number 3 is a light tan and number 5 is a darker tan (brown). Number 8 turned a mustard yellow. I used my goat's milk recipe  with a little TD mixed in with this batch and used a shallow oval bar mold. Now for the scents...... Number 1 Gardenia ~sweet, clean , true flower scent , not over powering ,creamy Number 2 Gardenia~floral (I dont want this to sound bad but this smells like the spray they have in those atomatic sprayers in the public bathrooms) I like it lol Number 3 gardenia more earth like , floral ,sweet Number 4 lilacs fresh-cut with stems( green grass) love not over powering smells like grandmas back yard! Number 5 creamy sugar note~ from the browning maybe vanilla Number 6 I can not wait to find out what this one is!!!!!1 It has such a familiar smell  (maybe something that bath and body works sells) It was the winner of my blind test at work!! Very fresh clean , Refreshing calming scent maybe sweet pea? I love this one and will be buying this in 16 oz as soon as possible!!! ok moving on lol number 7  smells like carnations and cucumber lol i know but that's what i smell !! it's on my top 5 list Number 8~ eucalyptus!!! hmm it turned yellow brownish color , There does not seem like vanilla is in it.  It should be called sleepy time! I will be ordering this also!! Number 9 ~ ok this one I get an earthy note but also a seaweed smell, not an overpowering  hyacinths flower I am sure once I find out the scents I am going to laugh at these notes lol Number 10 ~rose I know there is  rose in there!!!! It smells just like smelling a long stem rose! I can not wait to order my favorites!!! This is such a blast. I am testing in my shea ~aloe lotion tomorrow!! And I will try to guess again :) Happy soaping

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