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Lotion Bars Our Name Sake ~ From a Hobby to a Business

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Day 7 #blogyourbrand  Lotion Bars are the reason we are named Lotion Bar Cafe. It is the very first product we made and at first they were just for a family Christmas party for gifts, then I was working at a restaurant and brought in some and had the servers try and use it. Our hands were always cracking and some were even get so sore and would bleed from using the sanitize solution to clean the tables. When the other servers would use and saw that it was working they asked me to make certain scents. At the beginning...

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Handmade Hollyday

lotion bar cafe handmade Hollyday Soapy Time

Mark your Calendars Handmade Hollyday will be December 3 with local artist to get all of your Hollyday shopping done! I will be posting all the vendors and more info this week!!!

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Happy Birthday !!!

Soapy Time

Happy Birthday Lotion Bar Cafe!!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to Celebrate!! Time flies when you are having a Soapy time!! I mean fun time! lol . This winter marks 5 years and to celebrate (a little early so we could have a pool party) We had a luau. With belly flop contest and all!! Cody (my oldest ) took first place! We grilled dogs and had a grand time! Feels  just like yesterday I was planning for market season. Now I only have about a month left of markets and its off to Festivals! This has been a...

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Spring into Color~ S.O.A.P Panel Hopeful(again)

bramble berry lotion bar cafe s.o.a.p panel soap Soapy Time

Bramble Berry is doing the S.o.A.P panel again!!!!!  I had soo much fun I would love to do it again!!! So Anne-Marie here are a few things I love about Bramble Berry Colors! My new favorite colors...NEONS!!  They blend so well in cold process soap making. I love how spring they look. I received my order last week and wanted to try them. OK all of them so I swirled all 5 colors in the pot ,then poured in the mold while still swirling pot! Love the colors! I mixed 1 tsp color with 1 tsp liquid glyicern . Then...

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A Summer of New Scents~ and a few other Goodies!

bramble berry lotion bar cafe s.o.a.p panel scents soap Soapy Time

Dont worry, I am not letting go of your favorites just adding a few new ones! Like the Pure "Sud"uction is a new fan favorite in soap. I will be making it in lotion , fizzies and lotion bars. After the S.o.a.p Panel testing for  and falling in LOVE with some of them ! I have place my order and I am patiently waiting for it to come in .........The hardest part! I will have Cherry Blossom smells so clean and fresh. Also Plumeria will be added. On the baby line I will have Baby Kisses(lavender and Chamomile)  to be added...

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