Spring into Color~ S.O.A.P Panel Hopeful(again)

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Bramble Berry is doing the S.o.A.P panel again!!!!!  I had soo much fun I would love to do it again!!! So Anne-Marie here are a few things I love about Bramble Berry Colors! My new favorite colors...NEONS!!  They blend so well in cold process soap making. I love how spring they look. I received my order last week and wanted to try them. OK all of them so I swirled all 5 colors in the pot ,then poured in the mold while still swirling pot! Love the colors! I mixed 1 tsp color with 1 tsp liquid glyicern . Then poured a cup and half of soap mixture into measuring cups .I did not use all color in each, I wanted this one a pastel so I added half of the color to each . I have a plan for a bright bar :) But not for this yummy spring scent...Bet you cant guess what it is? Hint read my older posting for s.o.a.p panel. I love Bramble Berrys micas. This is a new bar yummy Coco-nutty Pomegrante for summer (inspired by my friend Niki Crawford) and I used BB's  Opalescent Bordeau.  I blended this in the whole batch and after swirling I took some and put in a powdered sugar shaker and put a light dusting on top. I love the shimmer it gives. I also highlights all the swirls. LOVE. Check out the full line at www.brambleberry.com and you will see all the amazing colors. http://www.brambleberry.com/Opalescent-Bordeaux-Mica-P4887.aspx I would love to do the S.O.A.P Panel Again ~ Holly :)

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