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Sad its over.....But so happy I got to play!

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Well I am so sad that this testing is over. But I am thankful that I was chosen to do it.   When I got word I was chosen I was so excited !! I received the box and then realized I was getting sick .I wrote all my first impressions down and then the next morning I could not smell anything . I had to do something so I took them to my work place and did a blind test there writing down their favorites and least favorites . It was so much fun having them all involved. Cooks , managers, host, servers and even guest!

Then I wanted to make the most out of it and wanted to make them in as many products as I could . I have a lot of mini containers and molds that I use to send to stores for test products (ALWAYS GOOD TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING THEY CAN FEEL ,SMELL, SEE AND USE) I have some 10ml little sprayers (great for room spray /linen , body spray samples and I see is carrying them now. Yeah!

I have 1 oz lotion bottles (great for travel and samples to your big shoppers as a little bonus)

I really wanted to make this in a candle so we made little tea lights (it would have taken too much of my little bottle to use in a big candle)

CP soap I recently had bought a tote of molds/candy/soap ones at a yard sell (you never know when they will come in handy)like now there where some oval thin ones that held 2 oz of soap and they were perfect .

MP I am not a professional on the MP side but I am so drawn to the possibilities you can do with it that you can not do with CP I had never done MP until last year at conference and I had to choose to take a class that I really needed or take this class with Soapylove owner Debbie Chialtas and I have no clue of what it was Oh my Gosh Love!!! I made mini birds with the test scent and they are so cute.check out to see all of her amazing products!

I also made mini lotion bars in a heart-shaped mini ice tray , I had to make them they are a staple of Lotion Bar Cafe  and they where the perfect size.

Well there you have it! My Favorites where number Number 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8. Number 6 was my absolute  favorite!!!!!!

I am really thankful to Anne-Marie and her amazing staff  at bramble berry. I have been using her products  going on 5 years and have never had a complaint. I only order my scents from her anymore and I am never disappointed. I would love to test ANY product for them !!

Thank You



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  • Anne-Marie on

    I can’t wait to see what everyone else votes as. I’m psyched to get the results so we can get the fragrances ordered =)

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