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Room Spritzer testing with S.O.A.P Panel scents from Bramble Berry


So last week I made my Room spritzer and made mini ones using the test panel scents from Bramble berry . Well with them being small I sprayed my car and my small bath room. Well my car smelled so good when I went to my coffee shop the girl thought I had flowers in my car! I wanted to test a lot of products that I make so I made lots of mini projects. These had 1 mil. of scent  I sprayed my car and went in to work for 6 hours and came out and my car still had great scent flowing through it. Here are my thoughts of the scents for room sprays number 1 ~~~~ Too much for a car but great for a bathroom spray~floral, flowery,straight scent number 2~~~~ Love this room spray ~floral sweet light flower note number3~~~~ this one was good too, floral, flowery stayed the longest out of the first 3 number 4~~~~fresh lilacs, relaxing flower notes this made a great room spray number 5 ~~~~ hmmmmmm yeah did not play well ............... number 6~~~~ ok I know I have talked a lot about six but dang it I love it and it has been number one in all my products so far!!! love love , fresh clean scent (still think it still is sweet pea) number 7 -- this one works as a room spray too! scent stayed strong (it did not fade) as fast as some. number 8~~ This would make a great linen spray , herbal nots of eucalyptus number 9~~~~ hmmm played in the same sandbox as number 5 number 10 ~~~ with the notes of rose , this would be a good a bathroom spray ~rose water Thanks for letting me test on the s.o.a.p panel! Next test was on bath fizzies!!!  results coming soon! Holly

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  • Amy Warden on

    When you say #5 and 9 didn’t play well, you mean they didn’t mix with your base?

  • lotionbarcafe on

    yeah amy they did not smell good and number 5 did not blend well in my base! :)

  • lotionbarcafe on

    Yes Ann , number 5 and 9 where not favorites! thanks for stopping by!

  • Ann Stoermer on

    It looks like we felt the same about many of the fragrances. It is really fun to see your notes. I wasn’t a fan of #5 or 9 either, but I had a few people over who liked them… Nice post! :)

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