My Fizzy People for S.O.A.P panel For Bramble Berry

bramble berry lotion bar cafe s.o.a.p panel Soapy Time

I love baths ! I take one every night ! I love bath fizzies packed with skin softening butters! I wanted to make sure I tested a batch of these guys! I know they are Gingerbread men ! But in my soapy world they are my Fizzy People . I wrote soapy people but it was really late when I made these , and when I took the picture I fixed it! lol     I made my batch of fizzy mix that is packed with oils and cocoa butter and shea butter. I mixed in a little cup and used my dropper and a spoon ti mix fast and pack in the mold. I made two one for me and one to share . I love paying it forward ! So for my fizzy people there where no discolorations . These were tested in my bath for 10 days!!  I am not complaining....:) I love my bath time I was a little worried if I was going to like 5 or 9 though so I saved for my last two days.. Number 1 ~ it was nice and floral but not over powering Number 2~this make a great bath fizzy scent great for summer!!!!! Number 3~ This was my favorite of the 3 gardenias! Refreshing Number 4~ Lilac bath it had creamy notes in the bath I really liked this too Number 5~ It has a sweet note , It was not bad ( I tried to put my feelings aside ) really was not bad Number 6~ HEAVEN really needs to be called that!!!!! :) I was so sad that my bath had to end. And for some reason the one I had  to give disappeared.........:) I do not know where it could be. OK I have it and no one is taking it!  ok back to the list people - Number 7~ Fresh I liked it a lot! Number 8 ~ Herbal bath time , with a cup of tea! love this in bath fizzy! Number 9 ~ This scent is going to bug me so bad ! It has an earthy , seaweed, gingerish? Number 10 ~reminded me of my Grandmothers rose-water but not Frenchy like , very fresh Thanks for stopping by and reading all my ramblings of the s.o.a.p. panel results and I want to thank Bramble Berry  too!   Holly

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