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Match the soap to its real name and Win!!!

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OK People, Here is a contest for you! Starting from Left to right the first one being a , b ,c and d Match the name of the soap to the letter . new soapPut your answers in the comment! Its that easy! There will be a drawing for the winner on june 10th so get your entries in. The names to choose from are Twilight, Sweet Thang , Wasoapi and lemon poppy seed. The winner will win a trip for two......Hahaha Just kidding you will win your choice of Soap and The exciting part of being our first Winner of our First contest!!! Ok I need coffee! VOTE and Good Luck!

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  • Khloe on

    A. Sweet Thang; B. Lemon Poppy Seed; C. Twilight; D. Wasoapi. Is it cheating since you already told me the names???! :)

  • Amy (ur cuz) on

    the answer is b,d,a,c!!!!! Ding, ding, ding, u have a winner!!!! LOL Can’t wait to try the Twilight bar while burning a Twilight Soy Candle. LOL Chics-N-Wics all the way baby!!!!!

  • Tanya on

    A. Sweet Thang
    B. Lemon Poppy Seed
    C. Twilight
    D. Wasoapi

    They all look like something to eat! :)

  • Shana Lehman on

    a. Sweet Thang

    Lemon poppy seed

    c. TWILIGHT!!!!

    d. Wasoapi

  • lotionbarcafe on

    And the winner is……………..Amber Cranford
    whoooo hoooo
    thanks for playing ! come back to see other contest!!!!!

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