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Lotion+Bramble Berry =LOVE

Soapy Time

Alright just when I think I decided what I like .....I have found another love

I made my shea~aloe lotion and had cups all labeled and ready for the scents to be blended together!

[caption id="attachment_164" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="cups of lotion waiting for the LOVE"][/caption]

I took each one and filled about 1.5 oz-2 oz of lotion and put .5ml of scent in each one

blending really well with a spoon!

After blending I placed in mini lotion bottles and labeled them ! I am taking all the leftovers that were left in cups to work . I will see how they like them in lotion now!

Now for the scent testing for me.........

I took butcher paper and placed cups on there with the numbered cups on there so I could write the first thing that came to mind when smelling and testing the lotion! Worked great and clean up was easy!

Some of the notes I took where little different from  CP soap







#1 sweet , floral , fresh  ~~~ on skin very floral

#2 floral~on skin light floral

#3 Musky notes , floral flowery,~on skin did not like so much!

#4 lilac, fresh green grass,crisp~on skin fresh scent reminds me of summer

#5 Warm, vanilla ,sugary, creamy with a note of caramel ~on skin this one this one smells like toasted caramel scent (i know lol)but that is what I smell

#6 Fresh , sweat pea ,crisp , Love :) ~on skin HEAVEN !!!!

#7 notes of grapefruit , clean ~on skin light and fresh ,love this one too now! Think this could be a e.o ?

#8 Eucalyptus, herbal~on skin almost has a menthol effect cooling on skin.Love

#9 tropical ~ on skin not a favorite kinda leaves a weird odor

#10 ROSE~on skin ROSE lol different from the baby rose from bb that I have. It has green notes

Well that was fun ! I do not have any dry skin with 10 days of lotion on me I am all good!!

Next posting will be on Room Spritzers (aka Room sprays)

Happy soaping!!

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  • Amy Warden on

    I can’t believe how far you are stretching those little bottles of fragrance. You still have some left??

  • Anne-Marie on

    You are SO thorough! I love how dedicated you are =) And I cannot wait to reveal the names. Soon …. soon!

  • lotionbarcafe on

    Thanks! You are tooo kind ! I have had a blast!! Testing a tea light and a mini room(well we will call it a car spritzer)testing in a smaller area so the car is the best to test!!

  • lotionbarcafe on

    lol Yes amy I have made mini batches , like 1 bath bomb of each and a tea light of each , 1oz lotion , 1 bar od cp soap and a mini bird of melt and pour! and a mini room spritzer ooh and a mini lotion bar. All of them are little guys . There is none left :( I really wanted to do whipped shea butter but I ran out!

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