Lotion Bars Our Name Sake ~ From a Hobby to a Business

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Day 7 #blogyourbrand lotionbar1 Lotion Bars are the reason we are named Lotion Bar Cafe. It is the very first product we made and at first they were just for a family Christmas party for gifts, then I was working at a restaurant and brought in some and had the servers try and use it. Our hands were always cracking and some were even get so sore and would bleed from using the sanitize solution to clean the tables. When the other servers would use and saw that it was working they asked me to make certain scents. At the beginning we only had lavender and orange. So I could make lavender, orange or to spice it up lavender orange.(I know fancy). Remember this was just a hobby on the side not thinking it is a business. Work during the day and make lotion bars at night. I would sell them to customers and the other servers. Everyone was loving them. So you may be asking what is a lotion bar? Well it is a solid lotion that contains oils and butters,no water! Did you know lotions at the store are 80-90 percent water.Yep that is crazy! Our lotion bars are packed with shea butter, cocoa butter , sweet almond oils, essential oils or high quality body safe fragrances. Next thing we knew we had a business . lotion bars and we loved cafes (I love coffee)! Lotion Bar Cafe was born~ 097 How do you use a lotion bar? I thought you would never ask. Take the heart shape lotion bar out of its cute tin and place in the palm of your hands. Hold it for about 15 seconds and let it warm a bit, then move it around one or two times and place back in tin. Next rub hands together and in about a minute your hands feel fabulous and not greasy. The beeswax keeps your hands protected from repeated hand washing especially if you are a nurse, teacher , doctor, server or anyone that washes their hands a lot. Lotion bars are great for travel as they are not a liquid. They are great for purses and gym bags.They last for months and make the perfect gift . Thanks for stopping by~Holly

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