Lotion Bar Cafe Has A Storefront and I did it scared.....and excited!

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As I write this I am realizing it is APRIL! Holy cow time has flown....April,11 years ago we became a REAL business. We went to hundreds of shows over the years. I am so lucky to have met some of the most amazing people along the way. Last June our youngest got married and when we came back from a trip after the wedding the landlord called and said the neighbors are moving out and did we want to take the space next door.....Um YES. But I was scared, that means double rent and so much work. If you have come to our shop in our house for 10 years then you know we loved having it in our house. I was able to be around my children as they grew up and not miss anything. They got to see what it takes to have a business and have family time......that family time may have been labeling 1000's of bath bombs or box soap, but it made me happy. I never wanted a store ( Like for real!) 

Then...... Kids grow up and I start to dream and set goals. I was so scared to do it but excited at same time. Literally I had 87.00 in the bank the day I signed the contract. I am so thankful I did not let fear get in the way. For a person who never wanted a store I love it! I get to have a separate work space from my home and have time off. I am so thankful I get to share my shop with other artist or school field trips, ladies nights, birthday parties and make a difference in our community.

I am so thankful to my support system and long bestie walks lol !  

So for everyone that does no know we have a storefront we do here is the location ..... 56 Widefield Blvd Colorado Springs, Co 80911

Here is pictures of the shop when it was in the house and the now


I kept the soap saying on the wall....

Then here is the studio side before we expanded (we had studio 2 years)

Now here is some pictures of our store.........

I have the best crew... If I can get them all together I will take a picture. 

I want to thank our community for supporting us and to YOU! Thank you ! 

<3 Holly

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