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Keep that light burning,Tea light testing for Bramble Berry S.O.A.P panel

bramble berry lotion bar cafe s.o.a.p panel scents soap Soapy Time

By now I do not need to tell you my favorite scent!!!!!! lol ...but  I will :)

I use 100 % soy wax and Cotton wicks in our candles.

You can see there was a little discoloration in a few but not much.

I burned these in my bathroom (small space ) for an hour then brought to the kitchen area for the rest of the time.

Soy wax I like using it because it  does melt at a lower temp and burns "clean" all the way down. But be careful when you sell at an outdoor market in the warm months.

Number 1  great throw great fresh floral scent

Number 2 again great throw and favorite of the 3 gardenias for candle

Number 3 this makes a great candle this was not as strong as the others

Number 4 very fresh lilac scent~ I think this mixed with a vanilla would be awesome

Number 5- sweet, sweet ,sweet smell ,creamy has a spice note (Honeysuckle)

Number 6 I was worried because I love this scent that it would not perform well. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT !! I think I could break out in song and dance!

Number 7  hmm I like this scent ! :( but I do not think it makes a great candle though sad (but ok it still is great in other products! Smells like green grass

Number 8  Herbal, powder, eucalyptus , creamy I liked it in candles!!

Number 9 I know I sound like I always seem to give it a negative review , but I think I have found what this scent will be good for. My sushi soaps!! yeah , this did not smell very good in my bathroom but it did have a good throw . I did not burn a candle the next day because I could still smell it! so yeah for that!:)

Number 10  Rose is what I smelled  not overpowering , notes of green mixed in too!

That was Fun! I took all the rest of the half  burned tea lights to Kansas this week to my husbands apartment ( he is working on a school out there , hopefully on for a few more months) His apartment never smelled so good!!!

Coming up next is my conclusion....... So sad Its over!!


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  • lotionbarcafe on

    everything is quite small ~wanted to see how many things I could test ! Thanks:)

  • Amy Warden on

    Agreeing with A-M. You are a testing superstar!! And how interesting that the fragrances perform so differently in the different products!

  • Anne-Marie on

    I can’t believe how much great testing you’re getting in with the small samples. You are very efficient =)

  • lotionbarcafe on

    yeah , discoloration was same on everything like number 5 and 8 . i just would write down the first thing I would smell or others smelled as we tested ! everything is mini!!

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