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Everyone always asks for my bread recipe so here it is. Warning~ its addictive. About 4 years ago I threw out all white stuff in my house (sugar, white flour, white rice , ect) and replaced with whole grains and honey. So on Mondays I would make a batch of bread and my boys would deliver a loaf to the neighbors on both sides of us. They now have nicknames ~The Bread Boys.  They used to not like taking the bread to the neighbors but now they fight over it.  When I was growing up the lady next door would have us pick blueberries and put them in a brown paper bag. It would take us forever because we would eat most of them. Later she would bring us a pie. I loved that feeling that someone would make us something that took all day , just for a neighbor. I hope you make this recipe and GIVE a way a loaf...it just might make someones day! Holly's Whole Wheat Dough

Blend in mixer 5 cups hot water

4 tsp salt                   2/3 cup honey

2/3 cup olive oil

4 tbsp yeast


Mix in 6 cups whole wheat flour, mix well on speed 2

mix in remaining  flour as needed to clear sides of bowls about 5-7 cups

knead for 8-10 min and you can touch the dough and it will not stick to your finger

take dough out of bowl and put olive oil in a big bowl place dough in and turn over so that the dough is lightly coated with oil

cover with a damp warm towel and let double in size

Now the world is your oyster..... you can make this into pizza doughs 6-7 big ones, 4-5 dozen dinner rolls, 4-5 dozen cinnamon rolls, 4 large loaves ~ I make 3 loves of bread 2 pizza doughs and some rolls ~ pizza dough just pinch off a big chunk and wrap with press and seal and put in fridge use within 2 days!  also you can make garlic bread sticks roll out like pizza dough and i brush with garlic butter or olive oil and sprinkle with rosemary ....the possibilities are endless . Make something yummy and share!

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