Everyone had a "smelling " good time

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Having a cold and not being able to smell is the worst for a soapmaker! especially when you are on this awesome S.O.A.P Panel that Bramble Berry has put together. Well I brought the samples into the restaurant that I work at and asked the staff to help me out. It was so much fun and the restaurant never smelled so good. There were 15 people that included cooks, management, servers and even a few customers! yeah! They wanted to get in on the action. I had them pick their favorite Gardenia out of the 3 and then put their favorite in order from the best (something they would use) to the NOT (something they would not use) So out of the 15 people that "sniffed" here are the results Gardenia #1 ----6 Gardenia#2-----5 Gardenia#3-----4 The one with most votes---#6 13/15 people!!!! wow, I have that one on my wish list! The Next one #7 9/15 Then # 9 10/15 The one with the least votes..... was number 10~ I think that it has a bit of rose in it. There were 3 men that had a blast (they all like #10) It was fun letting them smell them and participate, they feel like they are part of the FUN and they have been there from the begining of my business. Always listen to what your customers LIKE when selecting new scents. They are the ones that will be buying from you! Thanks for to all my SNIFFERS!

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  • Amy Warden on

    What a great idea!! Yes, the customers do like to get involved whenever possible! :)

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